Watch 'Ellen' staffers get hilariously freaked out visiting a haunted house

/ Source: TODAY

Halloween means a lot of different things to a lot of people, but one tradition is sacrosanct in Ellen DeGeneres' world: sending executive producer and "village idiot" (his words) Andy Lassner into a haunted house!

But Andy does not like to go alone. In the past he's gone with celebs (like best-Ellen-prank-victim-ever Eric Stonestreet) and fellow regular people like his assistant, Jacqueline Nelson. And for 2016, the chosen second victim to accompany him at the "Exorcist"-themed maze at Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights was ... Jacqueline!

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The best part (aside from all the hilarious screaming by Andy and Jacqueline) is Andy's attempts to narrate himself out of being scared. "Look for the feet," he says over and over, gesturing at the floor. Later he yells at an animatronic creature who frightens him more than once, insisting, "You only get one time and we're done!"

It's also terrific when a regular worker hanging out around a corner proves just as terrifying as the exhibits.

Meanwhile, Jacqueline is just plain old freaked out and that's a terrific counterpoint to the pairing. Be sure to watch the whole video — including Andy's summation after they both tumbled back onto the street.

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"I don't enjoy it, I'm not going to lie," he said. "Good stuff, Ellen. Hope you had your fun."

Well, we sure did!

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