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Watch Ellen DeGeneres spoof 'Love Is Blind'

Whoops, Ellen wasn't really looking for a wedding proposal.
/ Source: TODAY

Love was more confusing than blind for Ellen DeGeneres on her show Tuesday.

The talk show host had some fun with the hit Netflix show "Love Is Blind" with a funny spoof in which she inserted herself into an episode in which cast member Damian Powers proposes marriage in a confessional "pod" where he can't see the woman.

"I'm sorry,'' DeGeneres says. "Oh no, there's a mix-up. I'm here for a Netflix meeting. I think I came in the wrong door."

Powers pours his heart out after giving DeGeneres an empty box symbolizing his love that leaves her rolling her eyes. She later breaks out in song before Powers asks for her hand in marriage.

"Ooh, this took a turn,'' she jokes. "OK, somebody get me out of this thing."

DeGeneres, who is a lesbian, can only shake her head.

"Straight people," she jokes.

The "deleted scene" was part of DeGeneres having "Love Is Blind" cast members Amber Pike, Matt Barnett, Lauren Speed, Cameron Hamilton, Giannina Gibelli and Powers on her show Tuesday.

They spoke about how they were cast on the reality show hit, which features couples proposing marriage without being able to see each other and then ultimately deciding at the altar if they want to get married or not.

Powers made it to the altar with Gibelli on the show before saying "I don't," although the two revealed on a "Love Is Blind" reunion special released last week that they are still together.

"I'm sorry I put her through that, but I would stick by it again for where we are now,'' Powers said.

Looks like things definitely worked out better than his wedding proposal to DeGeneres.