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Watch Chrissy Teigen and John Legend crash her mom's cooking segment

The music star and cookbook author popped up to say hello on TODAY in the middle of a Thai cooking segment with Teigen's mother, Vilailuck "Pepper" Teigen.
/ Source: TODAY

Vilailuck "Pepper" Teigen's cooking lesson on TODAY got crashed by a pair of familiar faces on Tuesday.

Chrissy Teigen popped up in a bath towel and husband John Legend also made a quick cameo as Chrissy's mother was demonstrating how to make stir-fried spaghetti with Thai chili paste.

"We are so excited for mom," Chrissy said. "We can't hear anything, but we're excited for her. I saw Carson (Daly) and I just wanted to say hi to everybody."

Chrissy later jumped back into the segment to fix her mother's hair. Pepper took it all in stride, considering it's par for the course in the Teigen household. Pepper lives in Beverly Hills with her daughter and son-in-lawas well as her two grandchildren, Luna and Miles.

"She loves teasing and playing around with me," Pepper said about her daughter.

Pepper was celebrating the release of "The Pepper Thai Cookbook" on Tuesday by preparing one of her favorite meals. She shared that she got the nickname Pepper after moving from Thailand to Washington state in 1983, when she and Chrissy's father, Ron Teigen, ran a local tavern.

Courtesy Pepper Teigen

"I always make my own food, so spicy, so hot," she said. "My Thai name is kind of hard to pronounce so they gave me (the name) Pepper."

She was inspired to create her cookbook by her daughter, who is the author of a pair of cookbooks herself.

Pepper Teigen is celebrating the release of "The Pepper Thai Cookbook."
Pepper Teigen is celebrating the release of "The Pepper Thai Cookbook."Courtesy Pepper Teigen

"I learned a lot from her, not from cooking, but how to do the cookbook because I had no idea of anything about it," she said.

The cookbook also contains a special dedication to her grandson, Jack, who died at 20 weeks when Chrissy Teigen experienced pregnancy loss last year.