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Watch Cher surprise a mom who has Alzheimer's with a video call

One of the singer's super fans couldn't *believe* her luck!
Robin Steiner (right), one of Cher's biggest fans, got a surprise FaceTime call from the singer.
Robin Steiner (right), one of Cher's biggest fans, got a surprise FaceTime call from the singer.Erica Steiner / YouTube
/ Source: TODAY

Cher just gave one of her fans the surprise of a lifetime.

The singer called Robin Steiner, a 60-year-old mom with early onset Alzheimer's, via FaceTime just to chat, and the video of their conversation is simply heartwarming.

Steiner's daughter, Erica, shared the moment on YouTube and described it as the "greatest 8 minutes" of their lives and added that her mother has been the singer's "biggest fan since childhood." She also explained that Cher's music has helped the family cope with her mom's diagnosis.

"Cher is basically another caregiver in our house - her presence consistently calms my mom when she's frustrated or sad," she wrote in a caption beneath the video.

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At the beginning of the call, Erica tells her mom someone heard about her and wants to say hi.

"Mom, it's Cher," she says and emphasizes the point when her mom doesn't seem to realize who she's really talking to. "It's Cher!"

"I know it's Cher," the 60-year-old says, and her daughter laughs.

After Cher asks Steiner how she's doing and she replies with a casual "good," the singer comments on Steiner's calm demeanor.

"You're just that cool, huh?" she teases as the 60-year-old smiles.

After a minute of casual chatting, Erica reminds her mom that she's actually talking to Cher, and she still can't seem to believe it.

"This is live, this is a conversation with her; this isn't a video," she says, and her mother then shrugs and thanks Cher for calling.

The 74-year-old loved that Steiner was rocking a shirt with her face on it and said, "Look how cute you are," which elicited a glowing smile from one of her biggest fans.

Steiner also lit up while reminiscing about the time she saw Cher in concert in Las Vegas, and after another minute, she seemed to really realize that she was talking to one of her idols.

"I love you. I can't do this, it's too much," she says while getting emotional.

Erica and her boyfriend then explain that Cher's music is the "one thing" that makes Steiner happy and that she always knows all the lyrics to every song.

"You're medicine in this house," Erica says.

When asked what her favorite Cher song is, Steiner says, "I Got You Babe," and the singer then adds she wasn't all that impressed with the tune, a duet between her and Sonny Bono, when she first listened to it.

"Do you know what I told Sonny the first time I heard it? I said, 'This is crap.' When he was singing it, it didn't sound the same as when we sang it together," she says.


Now that Erica pulled off a surprise for her mom with a call from Cher, she said she's inspired to shoot for the stars.

"Ill definitely never be able top this ... but it makes me want to try. I think John Travolta’s up next," she wrote on Twitter.