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Watch Cher and James Corden sing 'I Got You Babe' — with a twist

Back in 1965, Cher and then-husband Sonny Bono had a massive hit with "I Got You Babe," and while it's been covered numerous times over the years, no one's managed to improve on the original.

Terence Patrick / CBS
Double the Cher, double the fun! Cher (James Corden) and Cher make a perfect team.

Until perhaps now? When the 70-year-old Cher visited "The Late Late Show" Thursday, host James Corden stepped in to offer her a new duet partner... himself, dressed as 1980s Cher.

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"It's a Sonny and Cher song, and I just thought that I would be Cher," he told her.

"Out of the two of us... I'm literally Cher," she laughed back.

This much settled, they were able to launch into a modernized version of the classic, called "I Got You Bae."

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And you know what? References to dating apps, 'Netflix and chill,' plus lyrics like, "When we make it Facebook-'offish,' that means more to me than marriage!" prove that like fine wine and Cher herself, this tune gets better with age.

Cher seems to agree!

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