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Watch Charlie Sheen's Dance Party, but What's Up With His Face?

And we thought Cyndi Lauper had some facial issues...
/ Source: E!online

And we thought Cyndi Lauper had some facial issues...

A new video surfaced today of a Charlie Sheen house party, and aside from his potentially criminal dance moves, we were seriously disturbed by his dental work.

Yikes, watch out for those choppers, girls...

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A week after an alleged 36-hour bender landed him in the hospital, TMZ has obtained the footage of the Two and a Half Men star getting his groove on with three lovely ladies. The clip is reportedly from said soiree.

In the video, Sheen clearly is enjoying himself and his company to the pulsing beat of club music. According to TMZ, the women were porn stars who accompanied him to a dinner at the home of his friend. But eagle-eyed viewers might notice something funny going on with his grin.

As his porn pal Kacey Jordan told E! News last week, the 45-year-old thesp was sporting a golden grill.

"Most of his teeth were gold, but he wouldn't say why," Jordan said.

Guess his blinged-up orthodonture is not one of the "all crap" rumors he was going off to us about.

But sorry, Charlie, you're no Lil Wayne.

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