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Watch Alec Baldwin teach his Trump impression to his 3-year-old daughter

Baldwin's hinted he may be done playing Donald Trump, but he may have found an adorable replacement.
/ Source: TODAY

Alec Baldwin has hinted that he may be done impersonating President Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

Good thing he already has an adorable replacement in training.

Baldwin's daughter Carmen, 3, already as his Trump impression down pat, according to a cute video of the two posted by Baldwin's wife, Hilaria.

"What day does daddy play Donald Trump?" Hilaria asks Carmen.

"Saturday," she says, adorably.

Baldwin then morphs into a Trump-style hand gesture, which Carmen expertly mimics.

"And we say, 'Saturday, Saturday, Saturday, OK everybody, it's Saturday," Baldwin says in his Trump voice.

The father and daughter then collapse in hysterics. She's already a natural.

Baldwin, a father of four, has suggested that he may not do his Trump impression on "Saturday Night Live" for much longer.

Before singing Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" in character as Trump during the "SNL" season finale over the weekend, Baldwin tweeted a possible hint that his days as the commander-in-chief may be done.

Luckily he is passing his skills on to the next generation.


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