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Watch Al Roker and Willie Geist reveal their favorite scary movies to Fandango

/ Source: TODAY

“The Silence of the Lambs” always scared the pants off of Willie Geist. For Al Roker, it’s “Ghostbusters” (no secret to any TODAY viewer).

And Slash flips for “The Exorcist.”

The three, along with country stars Maddie and Tae, dished to Fandango’s I Love Movies series about their favorite scary films of all time.

For Al, the fantasy of getting attacked by the Dewey decimal system in the basement of the New York Public Library gives him a thrill. For Willie, it’s Anthony Hopkins delivering the super-creepy Chianti line (watch the video to see Willie do the move).

And Slash, incredibly, had an actual crush on Linda Blair. From the movie. Green face and all.

“I was really fascinated more than scared,” the rocker said of seeing the paranormal thriller for the first time in a drive-in theater. Were we watching the same movie? Because that one is terrifying.

Tae’s pick, “Strangers,” is so scary to Maddie that she’ll only watch with the lights on and her eyes closed.

“Everything I learned in life, I learned from ‘Ghostbusters,’” said Al. So in case a marshmallow man ever threatens Manhattan, you know who you’re gonna call.