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Watch Adele totally freak out after recognizing young fan on stage

Watch a stunned Adele keep saying 'Oh my God!' after realizing a young girl she invited on stage is the daughter of her cello player.
/ Source: TODAY

When Adele realized a young girl she invited on stage was more than just a regular fan, the shock nearly broke her OMG meter.

In the most Adele reaction ever, the global star couldn't stop adorably saying "Oh my God!" when she found out that one of two young girls she pulled up to the stage at a show in Amsterdam on Wednesday was actually the daughter of her cello player.

"Oh my God, no way,'' Adele said. "I knew you when you were a baby."

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Showing that even a pop megastar can still be blown away on stage, the shock registered a 13 on her OMG-meter. At one point she rattled off four OMGs in a row as she tried to process the young girl in front of her with the baby she once knew.

"That just freaked me out,'' she said. "You were like 2 feet tall when I first met you.''

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The girl's mother was right in the back of the stage as part of Adele's band. It's no surprise the OMGs poured out, given that it's one of Adele's signature reactions.

Wednesday's surprise was just the latest fun moment on stage for Adele during her current tour. She has had a couple get engaged, performed an amazing duet with a girl who has autism, pranked Adele impersonators, and realized she may have accidentally twerked.

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