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Waste disposal lands driver up ... a creek

Dave Matthews driver in trouble for dumping human waste in river
/ Source: Reuters

A bus driver working for the ecologically minded Dave Matthews Band could face prosecution on charges of dumping the vehicle’s load of human waste off a Chicago bridge onto a tour boat, police said Wednesday.

The effluent splattered passengers on an architectural boat cruise passing underneath the bridge the afternoon of Aug. 8, sending the boat back to its dock and some of the disgusted passengers to the hospital for tests.

The possible criminal charges against the bus driver follow a civil suit brought Tuesday against the band and its tour bus operator by the Illinois attorney general.

Police at a news conference showed an image of the bus taken from a security camera trained on the bridge spanning the north branch of the Chicago River near downtown, and said it was the only bus to cross at the time of the incident. It is illegal to dump waste into the already polluted river.

No members of the band, which was in Chicago as part of a tour, were on board the bus at the time.

The bus driver has denied responsibility, saying his bus had been parked at the time of the mishap.

The Dave Matthews Band is known for its support of “green” causes, touting its efforts as a way to offset the air pollution produced by its tour buses. In an interview with Blender magazine last year, Matthews said he recycled his trash ”somewhat obsessively.”

A publicist for the band did not have an immediate comment.