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Was Paris banned from club for dissing Nicole?

Did Paris Hilton get the boot from an L.A. nightclub for dissing her ex-pal Nicole Richie?
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Did Paris Hilton get the boot from an L.A. nightclub for dissing her ex-pal Nicole Richie?

The partying heiress was told to leave LAX in Beverly Hills for talking trash to sis Nicky about her former best friend, who had dated the D.J. at the club, according to the forthcoming issue of In Touch Weekly.

“No one will admit it,” an “insider” told the mag, “but Paris is now banned from LAX.”

Will Watts wed?With wedding rumors swirling around Nicole Kidman, the buzz is that her best buddy Naomi Watts is about to get hitched, too.

The “King Kong” actress is “ready to walk down the aisle” with “Manchurian Candidate” star Liev Schreiber, according to Star magazine, “maybe soon.”

“Liev doesn’t want to waste anytime,” a source told the tab.  “He is absolutely thrilled Naomi is going to marry him.”

Notes from all overWe might be hearing a lot more from Hollywood’s most notorious private eye. Anthony Pellicano — who has worked for Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, and Elizabeth Taylor — is planning to write a book, according to a source. Pellicano — who was sometimes called the  Thug to the Stars because he’d dig up dirt on his clients’ foes and was known for his rough and tumble tactics — is about to be released from prison, where he’s been serving time for illegal possession of firearms. The insider says that Pellicano’s publisher would be Michael Viner’s company, the same person who brought us the memoirs of New York Times fibber Jayson Blair. . . . Orlando Bloom fans can stop throwing darts at pictures of Annie Lennox. The Eurythmics star says those reports that she snubbed the "Lord of the Rings" hottie are bunk. Orlando reportedly approached Lennox for an autograph, but she rebuffed him by saying, “I just want a quiet night. Please leave me alone and get a life.” On her Web site, however, Lennox says, “There’s not a shred of truth in any of it. Bizarre. Why would anyone invent a piece of nonsense like that?”  . . .  Christina Aguilera isn’t going to be dirrty any more, now that she’s someone’s wife. “I think the Christina look I had before meeting him is well and truly in my past,” Aguilera said, according to Passim. “I’ve decided on a classier image for the future — more fitting for a married lady.”

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