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'Walking Dead' zombies share many 'Dumb Ways to Die' in video mashup

Any fan of AMC's "The Walking Dead" series knows that the deaths on the show -- zombies aside -- are not only shocking, but senseless. Some might even say dumb. 

The folks at Teddie Films agree and decided to summarize some of the show's most gruesome exits in a video that's starting to go viral. They've paired re-enactments and some shuffling choreography with the tune from the Australian public transit's PSA that went viral in November, "Dumb Ways to Die."

(Note: Video shows graphic deaths and lots of spoilers for the series.)

As the re-written lyrics go, "Take a hit right to the head / It's the only thing that makes you dead / If you need a meal, just follow Shane / 'Cause he'll shoot his friend and abandon him as bait." 

It's a "cautionary tale from the Walkers' point of view," as the YouTube notes explain. So in a way, it's just another public service announcement -- one with real guts.

Check out the video (but not too close to mealtime)!

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