'Walking Dead' star Andrew Lincoln: 'It was a roll of the dice, this job'

Get ready, zombie lovers! "The Walking Dead" is nearly ready to stagger back into your living rooms again. With that in mind, TODAY's Natalie Morales visited the set to talk to two of the biggest living stars of the show.

"It was a roll of the dice, this job," Andrew Lincoln, who plays conflicted good guy Rick Grimes, told Morales (and yes, that's a British accent you hear on the video; Lincoln is from the UK, not Georgia).

"I remember calling up my agent and just saying, 'Really? I've been working for 18 years. And it's — we're talking about zombies now?" he added.

The world apparently had a big hunger for zombies, and in the process, the show's popularity has made actors like Lincoln and co-star Norman Reedus (who plays bow-wielding Daryl Dixon) household names.

And, to Reedus' surprise, he's become a major fan favorite who receives all kinds of odd things in the mail.

"I've gotten everything from a breast implant, which is a pretty famous breast implant at this point," Reedus laughed. "I've blown my breath into bottles. ... Mostly really nice, sweet things."

Check out the clips to see what happened when Morales got her hands on Daryl's crossbow, plus more of her conversation with both actors. And tune in tomorrow to watch her turn into a walker herself!

"The Walking Dead" returns on AMC on Sunday, Feb. 8 at 9 p.m. ET.

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