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Waah! 'Walking Dead' is getting a zombie baby


Forget walkers. AMC's zombie drama "The Walking Dead" is bringing a crawler to the hit show when it returns this fall.

Star Danai Gurira, who plays survivor Michonne, told TVGuide.com that "there's a little hint of that (baby) in the premiere."

Robert Kirkman, the show's executive producer and author of the graphic novels the drama is based on, also confirmed the news to TV Guide. "It'll be something different from the baby who was seen in 'Dawn of the Dead' remake which was horrific and done so well," he said. "There's still room for us to do something different and cool."

Sound crazy? Perhaps. But showrunner Scott Gimple did tease at Comic-Con earlier this month that season four is "going to get insane very quickly." And the man would know: He wrote the first episode.

There have been child zombies on the show (RIP, Sophia and Penny!), but no infant yet. Well, no infant unless you count Lil' Ass Kicker, as Daryl likes to call Rick's newborn, but she's no undead wailer. (Or will she be?!)

But all this talk makes us wonder: How and what would a baby zombie eat? Assuming it really is an infant and not a toddler with chompers, it would have no teeth to bite with. Zombies aren't exactly known for taking care of each other, so it's hard to imagine a mama zombie feeding her young like a mother bird might feed her hatchlings. (So gross it might just work for "Walking Dead"!)

Then again, it seems the zombies on "The Walking Dead" don't have to eat to survive. (Remember the poor guy who hung himself from a tree? Yeah, he's still chomping at the air.)

Cry on, little one. We'll meet you Oct. 13 on AMC when "The Walking Dead" kicks off its season four.