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'The Voice's' Christina Milian 'totally would audition' if she needed a big break

NBC's "The Voice" is in fine form for its fourth season, and already there's plenty of buzz over the judges' interactions -- Shakira is no wallflower -- so it made sense for TODAY's Al Roker to spend a little time on the set Thursday morning. And while he was there, he got a chance to chat with hitmaker and show social media consultant Christina Milian and third-place finisher from the first season, Vicci Martinez.

Milian noted that the new judges have really picked up the ball and run with it. "I love the way that Shakira and Usher just fit in instantaneously with Blake (Shelton) and with Adam (Levine).... Shakira is the one woman on that stage, and she just handled it so well. And then Usher is just so cool, but he gets the audience really amped. And I really think that the people are responding."

And, she admitted, if the show had been around just a few more years ago, "As a young artist, if I was starting all over again, I totally would audition for 'The Voice.'"

Later on Roker chatted with Martinez, who still seemed a little surprised she'd managed to score a recording contract and a charting hit, and she told him how being on the show had changed her life. "It's just been such a great platform to get signed, and to be releasing a video and be in the Top 20," she said. "It's something I wished for and never thought that it would happen this quickly, but I'm glad it did!"

"The Voice" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on NBC.