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'Voice' winner almost gave up on music business

On Wednesday night, Javier Colon took top honors on “The Voice,” but in a Friday morning interview on TODAY, the singer admitted he came close to giving up on the music business all together before the competition even began.

According to Colon, tough times and a failed record deal made success seem hopeless.

“I was (thinking of abandoning music), because it was getting to the point I wasn’t able to, you know, make a living enough to raise my two beautiful girls and support my wife,” he explained. “I wasn’t going to let that happen, so if I had to do something else, I was going to do something else.”

Of course now, with a prize of $100,000 and a guaranteed record contract, Colon’s given up on thoughts of giving up. But in the moments just before his big win was announced, he still wasn’t so confident of his future.

“There was never any confidence,” the self-proclaimed “acoustic soul” singer said. “Actually, honestly, I was fully prepared for Carson (Daly) to say, ‘And the winner of ‘The Voice’ is Dia Frampton.’ I was going to turn around and hug and tell her how much I love her, because she’s absolutely amazing. And I mean, honestly, the votes were so close I feel like we all should have won at that point. Hopefully, we all get the record deals and the same happens for all of us.”

Colon even sees himself singing alongside other talent from “The Voice” in the months ahead — other top talent, that is.

“(Adam Levine and I ) already talked about it. We’re going to do some things in the studio together," he said. "We also talked to Cee Lo (Green), as well. He wants to get together. So we’re going to do some fun things in the future”

Next up in Colon's immediate future, as well as that of his fellow former finalists, is “The Voice” tour, which kicks off July 27.

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