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'Voice' win 'changed everything' for Javier Colon

Bebeto Matthews / AP / Today
Javier Colon

Winning “The Voice” brought about more than just newfound fame and a record deal for Javier Colon — it gave him a new lease on life.

During a Thursday night appearance on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno,” the singer explained his personal woes before the show, and how how the competition “changed everything” for him.

“It’s a new lease on life,” Colon said. “Before the show I was just a struggling musician, trying to, you know, trying to figure out a way to support my family. And this show comes along and completely changed everything.”

For instance, with his much improved musical prospects (and the $100,000 prize money he raked in), “The Voice” victor can now pay all of his monthly bills. That’s a big change from where he was just months ago.

“We had this little game, my wife and I. ‘Well, we can’t pay this bill, so let’s try and pay another one,’” Colon explained. “So usually the cable bill was the last one to be paid. My cell phone bill – I’d get the notice basically every time. ‘We’re going to shut you off if you don’t pay it right now.’ So I would pay it that last day before they would shut me off. But that was life.”

That was life then. Now things are very different. Good thing Colon has his kids around to make sure he always stays humble — no matter how much success he has. In fact, he wouldn’t even have his current success if one daughter had her way.

“Kids are proud of daddy,” Colon said. “(But) my oldest daughter, she was a big Vicci Martinez fan. She was rooting for Vicci. But that’s OK, because as long as they like good music, then that’s all that I care about. And Vicci is awesome, so yeah, I was OK with that.”

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