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'Voice' singer upstages Taylor Swift by ripping dress off

Poor Taylor Swift. Once again, the superstar was upstaged by an unexpected performance -- this time on "The Voice." At least on Monday, it was by one of the six remaining singers on the competition and not Kanye West grabbing her mike at the 2009 Video Music Awards.

The songstress made a cameo at Michelle Chamuel's rehearsal to cheer coach Usher's charge on and praise her cover of "Trouble."

“Things like this happen on Team Usher,” the coach said.

It was a cool appearance and did nothing to hurt Michelle’s already excellent chances of advancing … but as big as Taylor's star power is, it wasn't enough to eclipse what Team Shakira had in store for the night.

Sasha Allen began her show-closing performance of Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats” in a red dress, but with Shakira looking on with intensity, the hopeful ripped off her garment as she went into the chorus. Fortunately for the censors, she was wearing a little black outfit underneath, but it still was enough to energize the crowd and turn the male coaches into teenage boys.

“What guy doesn’t like it when a girl rips her dress off?” Blake Shelton said. “That was so dramatic and powerful. And she took her dress off onstage!”

“I think they liked it,” Usher said of the cheering crowd. “I guess there’s more than one Sasha Fierce. You’ve got an incredible voice, and that was really remarkable. I didn’t see it coming.”

Not many did, but Shakira was clearly looking to avoid the stress of a week ago when she seemed convinced she’d be the first coach knocked out. No worries this time.

Both acts should be back next week, as should Amber Carrington. Adam Levine’s one remaining singer didn’t have a celebrity cameo nor did she take her clothes off, but she did sing very well both times and this show is called “The Voice,” after all. Besides, anyone who can sing both Skid Row and Patsy Cline on the same show has to advance.

That means Blake is likely to finally lose someone. He’s kept Danielle Bradbery, The Swon Brothers and Holly Tucker around for the last three weeks as rivals were sent home two by two and the field was whittled from 12 to six. Danielle’s not going home before the finale, but with one act set to be eliminated Tuesday, and with the Swons and Holly singing early in both halves of the show, Blake's streak is likely to end tomorrow.

Look for Holly to be the unlucky one. She didn’t have her best night vocally, and though she sounded good on the sax when Christina Milian provided one, she’s the best bet to finally make Tuesday a sad one for Blake.