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'The Voice' season premiere promises to be 'best episode' ever

Get ready for some chair-spinning action -- "The Voice" returns for an all-new season of the talent competition Monday night. But this time, the would-be contestants won't be the only new part of the show.

Coaches Usher and Shakira are joining the act, filling the spots vacated by Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green -- not that the shakeup should concern faithful fans. According to host Carson Daly, the new additions just add to the appeal.

"You're looking at a guy that could have been on any one of these (TV  talent) shows," Daly said, gesturing toward Usher, who joined him on TODAY Monday morning. "But him and Shakira, they were fans of 'The Voice,' and that was a great place to start."

It's especially great for fellow fans, who have high hopes for season four.

"(Monday night) is the best episode of 'The Voice' ever," Daly added, "and it's in large part to Usher and Shakira, Blake (Shelton) and Adam (Levine)."

As for Usher, he offered a sneak peek of the talent reviews to come by evaluating TODAY's Matt Lauer -- who didn't even sing.

"Well, the first thing that I have to make you aware of is that you were incredible -- an incredible talent," the singer said with a smile before demonstrating how he would persuade Lauer to join his team. "In my opinion, I think that you need a coach that really understands how to nurture your talent. Now you've heard from the rest of them, you need to rock with the best of them."

See just how the actual auditioners handle the evaluations when the "The Voice" returns Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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