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'Voice' loss doesn't shake Sasha: There 'was only one more week anyway'

Sasha Allen.

Sasha Allen was not one of the three acts chosen to advance to the finals of “The Voice,” but she wasn’t too upset about it on Tuesday night. “It was only one more week anyway,” she pointed out after the show (the season finale is next Tuesday, June 18).

What didn’t work that kept the Team Shakira singer from New York out of the finals? She's not sure. She stood by both of her Monday night performances, telling TODAY.com, “I did everything that I wanted to do and I tried my very best, so if it didn't connect (with America), then I guess it just didn't connect. But there would be nothing that I would change, because then I'd be changing me, and who wants to do that?”

If it wasn’t a bad night on stage, was it iTunes? “Voice” fans have long suggested that the vote-by-download method – which offers a 10-times vote multiplier to any artist whose song cracks the top 10 in the iTunes singles chart – has too big a hand in determining who stays and who goes.

Yet Sasha confessed that she was in the dark about being one of the two semifinalists who did not reach the iTunes top 10. “I actually don't really look at the iTunes. I don't like any of the added pressure,” she explained. “It could've been anybody. To me, that's how I think about it.”

“What I really remember is the thought that there are millions and millions of people watching you,” she continued, “so give it your all, give it your best, because this opportunity doesn't come all the time.”

Sasha also credited both her coaches – she began the competition as a member of Adam Levine’s team – but particularly the one she finished with. “I enjoyed learning from Adam and Shakira,” she said, “but me and Shakira, I feel like really had a good bond and we worked well together. I'm glad to end with Shakira.”

Shakira expressed a similar sentiment, telling TODAY.com on Tuesday, “Being on ‘The Voice’ has been so inspiring. It's great to put my experience that I've gathered all these years, at the service of someone else. To kind of get out of my shell for a second.”