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'Voice of Italy's' singing nun rocks with Kylie Minogue

"The Voice of Italy's" singing nun is getting into everyone's heads, including pop star Kylie Minogue's. The Internet sensation joined the singer — alongside fellow contestants Luna Palumbo, Daria Biancardi and Gianna Chilla — to perform the Australian star's 2001 hit "Can't Get You Out of My Head" on Wednesday.

Sister Cristina Scuccia did what she's done well all along in the competition: rock out and show viewers that her nun's habit will not stop her from sharing her voice — even if she did look a bit intimidated by the star at times.

The 25-year-old nun also had a solo performance on the show, this time belting out "What a Feeling" from "Flashdance." She even showed off some choreographed moves as the coaches grooved in their big red chairs and audience members waved T-shirts bearing her image in the air.

Scuccia became a viral sensation in March when her rendition of Alicia Keys' "No One" during the show's auditions hit the Internet. 

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