'The Voice' introduces new twists: the steal and the knockout

"Voice" coaches Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton at a press event held at producer Mark Burnett's Malibu home Sunday.
"Voice" coaches Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton at a press event held at producer Mark Burnett's Malibu home Sunday.Chris Haston / NBC / Today

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By Rebecca Ford

"The Voice" is adding a new twist to the show for season three, allowing judges to steal contestants from one another.

During the battle rounds, the second phase of competition after the auditions, coaches will be able to steal a contestant from another coach's team if that singer does not win his or her battle, producer Mark Burnett announced Sunday.

“It worked better than we hoped,” Burnett said. “It’s been a very kind experience. We try to create a very kind experience on this show where people who deserve to stay, have a chance to stay.”

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At a press event at his Malibu home, Burnett said that the show will also introduce a “knockout” round to take place after the battle rounds, in order to slice down the teams to five members each before the live shows.

Coaches Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton and host Carson Daly joined Burnett for the press event on Sunday.

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“In season three, the DNA of the show is the same, but for the battle rounds, the torso of this format, we need to make a couple tweaks,” Daly told reporters. “It’s like fantasy football. You become incentivized to watch the entire league as opposed as to your own team.”

The battle rounds will start off with each coach having 16 members on their teams. They will each have two steals that they can use. If, for example, two members of Green’s team are battling, then any of the other coaches can choose to steal the person who Green does not choose to keep. If more than one coach chooses to steal a contestant, it’s up to the contestant to choose his or her coach.

Then, the show will move into the knockout round. Each team will have 10 members at the beginning. The contestants will choose their own song to perform. On the day of the show, they’ll find out who they are paired up against, which is up to their coach. One of the contestants will then sit in the corner of the stage and watch as the other performs. The coaches will then cut their teams down to five members for the live shows.

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“This season, aside from the changes being made and the chemistry being better between all of us, I have the same feeling I had while we were shooting season one, which is this really confident knowledge that regardless what happens with the numbers, that it’s a great show,” Levine said.

Season three of "The Voice" premieres on Monday, Sept. 10 at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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