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Is 'The Voice' dishing out enough criticism?

Trae Patton / Today
Coaches Adam Levine, Shakira, Usher and Blake Shelton on "The Voice."

Has “The Voice” lost its bite? Not at all, say the show’s artists.

Fans have commented that this season’s coaching panel -- Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher -- has been giving out more compliments than constructive criticism.

Even host Carson Daly noticed a shift in tone on the NBC competition. “I think that’s a fair assessment. Not that (criticism) didn't come from this season, but I understand when people say that," he told TODAY.com. "I think through the different cycles of the show, you're going to have panels that are a little more vocal that way, and some that are a little less.”

But for the most part, the season's hopefuls are pleased with what they’ve been hearing.

“I think all the coaches are definitely doing their fair share of constructive criticism,” Team Usher’s Michelle Chamuel told TODAY.com, calling the R&B star “a tough coach, but a great coach.”

“Adam and Usher have been giving me some great advice in the past weeks," Holly Tucker said. "I appreciate all their feedback and they're really great for that.”

“When it’s time for (Blake) to get mean, he does,” said Zach Swon of The Swon Brothers. “He will definitely tell us if something needs to be changed.”

But one artist does want more feedback from the superstar coaches.

“They're careful with what they say. I get some constructive criticism from them, but most of the comments that I've been getting are sort of a general statement about, 'Oh, it was great,’ ” Team Adam’s Judith Hill told us. She said that she’d like to have the panel “really kind of dig into my performance more instead of just being like, 'Oh, that was great.’ ”

But some of the hopefuls are already seeing changes thanks to the pointers they’ve received.

“Just having (the coaches') feedback that I really need to step up and have the confidence to take it all the way, that's been the most valuable thing for me so far,” Holly added. “I feel like I have more confidence, more strength and that's really what I need. That's what I needed all along.”