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'Voice' contestants prepare for final showdown

It’s down to the last stretch on “The Voice,” as the remaining singers in the competition prepare to face off for Tuesday night’s live battle. Before they leave their fates to viewers' votes, three of the final four stopped by TODAY to share their pre-showdown thoughts.

For Vicci Martinez, those thoughts include her late father, of whom she’s spoken many times during the competition.

“I feel like I definitely am doing him justice and representing myself,” the last member of Cee Lo Green’s team said. “But at the same time, (I’m) just having fun with it — just like he would have done. So hopefully that is coming across.”

Javier Colon, who worked his way to the end with the help of coach Adam Levine, also hopes his fun-loving performances are coming across to the audience. After all, that’s what could make him a winner, even if he doesn’t actually win the $100,000 or the guaranteed record deal that go “The Voice’s” victor.

“Honestly it’s going to depend on the people, you know, here in America, that will decide if they will support me and come to my shows and buy CDs and stuff,” Colon said of his career if he doesn’t take it all the way. “I really don’t know, but I guess time will tell.”

As for which finalist is favored to win, it’s a good thing the singers aren’t making the selection themselves. None of the contenders could pick.

“Oh, my gosh, I love everybody next to me, and Beverly (McClellan),” Dia Frampton, from Team Blake Shelton, raved. “I’d be happy for any of them. They’re great people!”

Martinez and Colon completely agreed.

The finalists can’t seem to decide, but what do you think? Which one should take the big prize on finale night? Share your thoughts on our Facebook page.

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