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'The Voice' contestant hits on coach Adam Levine

Adam Levine was the main attraction for "The Voice" contestant Nic Hawk on Monday's premiere.

"The Voice" launched its fifth season Monday with blind auditions -- but it was eye candy that sealed the deal for one contestant and his coach. 

Nic Hawk, one of eight singers to skate through, had to choose between two coaches: Adam Levine and CeeLo Green

He hesitated a moment before confessing to Adam, "My only problem is that I don't know if I'd be able to focus, because you're so good-looking!" 

In response, the Maroon 5 frontman covered his face with his notepad, reacting like a seventh-grader trying to decide how to feel about his crush liking him.

"Go with your heart!" Christina Aguilera advised.

Nic did, choosing Adam as his coach and exulting over it afterward.

"I hit on Adam Levine!" he said backstage. "That just happened? That was real?"

That had the potential to cause some drama. As everyone watching the show knows, Adam's already involved in a heated bromance, and his partner in crime -- Blake Shelton -- didn't take the news lightly.

"That's gonna be a conflict though," Blake said. "You can't have a relationship with someone on your team."

"I'll never cheat on you, bro. Don't worry," Adam responded.

Blake had his chance to turn the tables later in the evening, wooing Josh Logan by saying he had "a man-crush" on him.

"I don't know how to take that," Josh responded.

Adam then said Blake had hurt his feelings with his comments, and the two got up and hugged, so the relationship is definitely on for another year.

But it didn't help either coach win Josh onto their team. He ignored them both and picked Christina.

Second chances
Adam also nabbed James Wolpert and Donna Allen. This isn't Donna's first rodeo -- her single "Serious" reached No. 21 on the Billboard Top 100 in 1986.

Christina was the only other coach to turn around for her, and she did her best to sway Donna to her side. "Don't break my heart! Don't break my heart! Don't do it! I pushed first! I pushed first!" Christina said.

But Donna did break her heart. Perhaps, as the oldest woman to sing on Monday, she'd heard those kind of tantrums before in her life.

Christina got her revenge quickly, however, winning the first four-chair turn of the night when bagel salesman Matthew Schuler sang "Cough Syrup." She then taunted, "I beat Adam at a blind! I beat Adam at a blind!"

Two for two
CeeLo got off to the fastest start, landing the first two singers of the night. Kat Robichaud picked him over Blake and Christina, while Caroline Pennell surprisingly picked him over Blake.

Blake talked before the show about trying to break new ground and picking different acts, but ultimately the only singer he came away with was Shelbie Z., a country singer from Alabama.

"Let me be the first to welcome you to Team Blake," he told her before any other coach had the chance to speak. "This is no time to monkey around. Come to Team Blake."

And she did. No matter who the coaches are, some things never change.

Getting the band back together
Monday brought the original "Voice" band back together, as CeeLo and Christina rejoined the panel after Usher and Shakira sat in for them in season four.

"We're like the Beatles, but better," Adam said Monday. Laugh if you will, but the "Voice" crew has something that foursome never got in the British Invasion … an Emmy for best reality TV series.   

Of course, CeeLo and Christina have the exact same number of victories in this series as John, Paul, George and Ringo do … zero.

That desire to end Blake Shelton's run of three victories in a row was evident, starting off what's sure to be one of the big themes of the season.