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'Voice' coaches try to duck Shakira's rage

Trae Patton / Today
Shakira wasn't shy about defending her contestant against Adam Levine and Usher on Monday.

With just 10 singers left in the competition, the four coaches on “The Voice” are fighting hard to keep their singers in the game. One of the new judges was especially strident in her defense of someone she thought might be in danger.

Kris Thomas, one of just two singers left on Team Shakira, got tepid reviews from both Adam Levine and Usher, and it’s no exaggeration to say that she found their lack of faith disturbing.

Adam spoke first and said Kris looked like he was thinking too much. Usher soon piled on: “You were thinking a lot, but your voice is incredible. You can do anything.” He then turned to Shakira and said, “I really think you could have chosen a better song.”

Shakira took exception. “I honestly think that song was perfect for him. He showed us everything he's capable to do with his voice. Yeah, he might be a little bit nervous, but hey, give him a break.”

“The important thing about this show is that we’re all just covering the talent that’s here in America, not like, who’s got the strongest personality to not feel nerves at all. That’s impossible,” she continued.

“I didn’t say he was nervous!” Usher protested.

Shakira dismissed him with her hand. She was on too much of a roll to turn back. “I just want to say one thing ... you have the sound that sets you apart from everyone in this competition," she told her hopeful. "You’re showing me and America why you’re still here in the competition.”

By this point, both Usher and Adam, who sit on either side of Shakira, had gotten out of their seats and were ducking under the armrests, as far from her righteous rage as possible.

“She’s fighting for her team. She’s fighting for you, Kris,” Carson Daly said.

Usher finally got up and moved to sit back down, and Shakira threw her pen at him. Good thing she didn’t have one of Blake Shelton’s special lattes, or he might be in the burn recovery unit at the local hospital today.

Oklahoma on their minds

The tornado that ripped through Oklahoma and killed dozens on Monday wasn’t far from anyone’s mind, and the events were particularly poignant for those on the show with local ties.

Blake was born in Ada, Okla., and still has family there. One of his three remaining acts, The Swon Brothers, are also Oklahomans. Both said that as far as they knew, their family and friends were safe.

“They’re going through hell there. I finally, when we went live here, finally had to set my phone down,” Blake said. “It makes it hard to sit here and do this tonight, but we’ve got a job and my team is counting on me, so here I am.”