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'Voice' coach Shakira haunted by cutting contestants: 'The guilt is overwhelming'

Appearing on a reality TV show and singing your heart out is hardly a piece of cake. But don't think the coaches of "The Voice" are getting off easy just because they're sitting in big comfy chairs.

"(Y)ou have to let one of them go and it's sad," said new coach Shakira on Monday about having to eliminate singers they've worked with closely. "Sometimes the guilt is overwhelming. Last night, for example, I couldn't sleep very well. I had one of my artists in my mind the whole night because I had to let him go. That affected me."

"Then (coach) Blake (Shelton) comes over and cracks some joke about 'You ruined their life.' And then you feel 10 times worse," said fellow coach Adam Levine. "He's a pretty bad person, Blake."

All four, including newcomers Shakira and Usher and veterans Levine and Shelton, sat down recently with TODAY's Al Roker on the set of "The Voice" for their chat. But if Shakira has restless nights about her decisions, Usher says becoming part of the fantastic four has been pleasant, thanks to an easy rapport they all have.

"It's been easy to slide in," he said. "(The other coaches) make it really a pleasure. ... Watching the show, I feel like it's organic, I feel like it's just natural. It's almost like a conversation at times."

That said, Levine noted that it's not just musical advice they're giving their protegees: It can feel like they're life coaches. "Sometimes I do feel a little bit like Tony Robbins," he chuckled. "'You can do it!' and all that kind of stuff, but it's true. ... It applies to life in a big way."

"The Voice" airs Monday and Tuesday on NBC at 8 p.m.