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The Voice: Blake Shelton Can Be Sweet and Slightly Creepy

Hold on to your eardrums, folks, because it's the semifinals!
/ Source: E!online

Hold on to your eardrums, folks, because it's the semifinals!

The remaining eight singers on The Voice belted their hearts out tonight in fear of being sent home (and after seeing how emotional Christina Aguilera gets).

But all of this is put on hold, because there is no way a show can start on a high note.

Before beginning the semis, two members from Adam Levine's and Cee Lo Green's teams must be eliminated!

So who was sent home?

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From Cee Lo's team, Curtis Grimes and girly duo Tori and Taylor Thompson were sent packin', while Adam Levine said goodbye to Devon Barley and Jeff Jenkins.

(It's all right, let it out.)

OK, now that that's all over and done with, let's move on with the show!

Voting was a little different. At the end of the show, each judge gave their performers a score which will tie-in with America's votes to determine who is eliminated tomorrow night in the special results show.

Frenchie Davis was the first to perform for the night with Madonna's "Like a Prayer."

Christina was hopeful that her team member would give the song the soul it needs, and whether it was the white-robed gospel choir surrounding her or Frenchie's undeniable talent, there was some definite soul!

Cee Lo and Adam both told the singer they love her (literally) and at one point, Cee Lo made a dirty gesture but we unfortunately, couldn't see what it was (bummer!). Xtina and Blake Shelton both agreed that her performance was a "middle-finger" to everyone who doubted her staying in the competition.

Next was Nakia from Cee Lo's team performing "What Do You Want From Me?" by Adam Lambert. He starts off in a slow melody while playing the piano, but things fire up and he shows some authority as he kicks that piano bench behind him and works the crowd. Levine openly admits he's never heard of that song (what?!) but was "forced to like it" by Nakia's performance and Christina liked that he took charge.

Who would've guessed she's into that?

Dia Frampton sang R.E.M.'s "Losing My Religion," making the most of her sultry voice and guitar-playing and involved the audience with a double-clap. Her creative charge and inventive personality worked for the judges, especially coach Shelton, who gave us a fatherly vibe with his feedback.

Casey Weston reps Levine's team by singing the Whitney Houston belter "I Will Always Love You." We see that her coach is not the easiest on her, but it's definitely making a difference. The 18-year-old adds a bit of country flavor ( la the Dolly Parton original) which ends up working in her favor.

Remember that time Shelton was being all fatherly? Yeah, his comments were not like that this time. They were a tad creepy.

All right, so there's been a lot of talk about Levine and Aguilera feuding on set. Call us crazy, but could it be the total opposite?

Maroon 5 performed their latest single "Moves Like Jagger," which features Xtina, and there was some definite chemistry and (dare we say) sexual glances going on. False hope?

Anyway, time for the next four.

Beverly McClellan rocked out to B.B. King's "The Thrill Is Gone" for Christina's team. We saw a softer side to her edgy vocals, that is, until she got intense and belted at that microphone to the point where sweat beads were rolling down her beautiful, bald head.

Team Adam's Javier Colon plays and sings "Fix You" by Coldplay. As if his voice didn't melt our hearts already, he chooses a song that made us fall in love. Keeping with the sweet melody, Colon really hits the mark. Aside from the performance, the judges were thrilled to see his hat come off. And guess what?! He's a baldy, too!

Taking a break from the competition, Shelton pleased the ladies in the crowd by performing his single "Honey Bee" alongside his two team members, Dia and Xenia--awww!

Xenia doesn't go too far, singing her song of the night, "The Man Who Can't Be Moved" by the Script. The quiet 16-year-old turned heads with her "unique tone" as Adam put it.

The last performer of the night was Vicci Martinez from Team Cee Lo, who chose "The Dog Days Are Over" by Florence + the Machine.

Emotional moment alert!

The singer talks about her father's death and how she is living the dream for him. We nearly cried.

Then we stopped getting teary and instead got up and jumped with the drums she beat during her performance. She killed it. And that's what the judges thought, too.

Host Carson Daly collected each judge's envelopes containing the scores for their members and tomorrow we'll see who stays for the finals and who goes home!

And since no one sucked, it should get interesting.

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