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/ Source: TODAY
By Chris Serico

Actors Vince Vaughn, Dave Franco and Tom Wilkinson are here for "Unfinished Business" — and all your stock photo needs.

To promote the new movie "Unfinished Business," Vince Vaughn and other members of the cast posed for stock photos. This one is captioned, "Portrait of a handsome business leader crossing his arms with his team standing behind him."iStockPhoto/GettyImages

Media outlets, businesses, advertisers and websites often turn to stock photos — staged, royalty-free pics of anonymous people and/or objects in everyday situations — when better and more expensive visual alternatives aren't available.

But in a fit of marketing genius, the promotional team behind the movie "Unfinished Business" decided it was time to give a little star power to those images, which often come across as goofy, stilted and random.

Actors Dave Franco, center, and Vince Vaughn, right, play Mike Pancake and Dan Trunkman in the film "Unfinished Business." This image is part of a free, limited edition series of stock images promoting the film.iStockPhoto/GettyImages

Even the captions seem to be in on the joke. Vaughn is described in one stock photo as a "handsome business leader crossing his arms with his team standing behind him." Another features Wilkinson and Franco among a group of workers "enjoying victory on a white background."

Tom Wilkinson, second from left, joins Dave Franco, far right, in this business-oriented celebration stock photo to promote their movie, "Unfinished Business."iStockPhoto/Getty Images

To put it another way, "Unfinished Business" is hoping you're buying what Franco is selling.

Dave Franco stages a boardroom presentation in one of several stock photos promoting his film "Unfinished Business."iStockPhotos/Getty Images

As for the actual movie, "Unfinished Business" follows Dan Truckman (Vaughn) and his misfit employees Timothy McWinters (Wilkinson) and Mike Pancake (Franco) as they try to close on an international deal that would save them from going bankrupt.

"Unfinished Business" opens March 6, but appreciation for these stock photos should last a lifetime.

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