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Vince and Jen have mutual admiration

‘I felt really safe with him’ says Aniston about her ‘Break-Up’ co-star
/ Source: Access Hollywood

While they've never even officially confirmed that they're a couple, on Friday, Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn sat down with Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell to talk all about each other and their new film “The Break Up.”

“So I understand you had Jennifer in mind for the role all along?” Nancy asked Vince.

“She was the only one that came to mind when we thinking of someone who was good with comedy, good with drama and who's really likable, so we really didn't have a back up choice,” Vince revealed.

“What would you have done if you said no?” Nancy wondered.

“Thankfully we didn't have to go through that. She said yes right away,” Vince explained. “Well, not right away. But she did say yes.”

Luckily for Vince, who's also producing the film, Jennifer signed on for the comedy — ironically, just one month after she and Brad Pitt split.

Although Vince and Jen were making a movie about a couple that can't get along, they clicked immediately.

“I felt really safe with him,” Jen said. “That was the other thing. I immediately felt comfortable and like I'd known him for awhile.”

“She's got Elvis dust,” Vince smiled.

“What's Elvis dust?” Nancy asked.

“It's unexplainable. People are drawn to her. Jennifer's the kind of person you could put in a room and all the kids would come over not even knowing how she is,” Vince explained.

Jen returned the kind words, saying Vince was easy to mesh with on-screen.

“I loved the way we would volley together,” she said. “I had that on my show, where we would just have a trust but that was also 10 years in the making and we just met and had it pretty instantly.”

In fact, the only thing they had to adjust for was the height difference — nearly a foot.

“I'm unfortunately circus tall and Jen is regular height,” Vince joked. “I'm always taller. She was in heels a lot or I'd take my shoes off.”

“The Break Up” hits theaters on June 2.