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Viktor gets hot under the collar, alleging cheating on 'Runway'

It's Thursday, and that means "Project Runway" is galloping back into our living rooms. Hopefully not on stilts, but you never know. Today's challenge is dressing Nina Garcia, and I really don't see her wearing stilts no matter how high heel trends go. 

Anyway, Heidi informs the designers of what we already know from last week's preview: they'll be designing a look for Nina. They are excited! They are terrified! They are excited and terrified! Do the designers ever get a challenge and say, "eh, this should be fine"? They always seem to collapse into Scarlett O'Hara faints and swoon for the cameras about the absolute shock and horror they feel about ... designing an outfit each week. Yes, sometimes that outfit needs to be made with paper cups, but still, they don't really change up the show that much from season to season, people. 

Nina explains to our designers that she's going to be tough on everyone, because she hates everything. Well, not everything, but most things. Really, she should just have Tim Gunn design a little Liz Claiborne outfit for her, slap a wrist cuff on it and declare it good. But seriously, Nina seems like an ideal (if not pleasant) subject to design for, in that she clearly articulates what she likes (classics with an edge, streamlined looks) and hates (color, prints, volume, fun). 

Bryce, however, thinks hating volume screams cowl neck and loose, drape-y tops. Bryce may actually be learning disabled or, if he's lucky, deaf. But I'm going with plumb stupid. How is a cowl neck not volume? Bryce is circling the drain, I think.

The designers get a half hour to sketch, then Nina levels her critiques. She likes Anya's outfit. She hates Bryce's cowl idea. Shocker! She hates Josh B.'s ideas. Kimberly wants to design a dress. Nina wants pants. Kimberly can't understand why no one will let her do a skirt! I'd say Kimberly should just be happy she's being recognized for doing something difficult very, very well. Nina declares Cecilia's look a little "Dynasty." Oof!

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