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Viewers still arguing over ‘Sopranos’ ending

Some loved the ambiguity, others say the writers are lazy.
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Viewers were first fooled by the black screen that suddenly came up during the last minutes of "The Sopranos" finale Sunday night. Many thought they'd lost their television signal. But once the credits rolled and fans realized that was, in fact, show creator David Chase's intended ending, the debating began.

Some fans love the ending, claiming it left the story of the Soprano family open-ended, so fans could fill in their own continuations. Some were convinced the black screen meant Tony had been killed in the episode's last second. And others considered it a cheap cop-out, leaving fans frustrated and questions unanswered.

Here are some of your thoughts on the finale.


Cursing like Paulie“I thought the finale was superb. Left enough doubt, and interest for the movie to follow. I had TiVo’d the last episode. When the screen went black I about ripped the TiVo out of the wall. Was cursing like Paulie till the credits started to run.” — Jim

Choose your own adventure“I loved it! You can make up any ending you want.” — Janet

Intriguing final scene“There were so many scenarios that could have concluded the Sopranos final chapter on television. I believe it was best that they left it up to one’s imagination as too what happened when the whole family was eating at the restaurant. It was very intriguing as each individual entered the eatery and you waited in anticipation of something about to happen to Tony and his family.” — Howard

Laughed out loud“I just knew Tony was going to be shot in the diner. I was waiting for the place to just explode. And when it didn’t, I had to laugh out loud. It was an ending I did not expect. ... I really don’t think it could have ended any other way. It leaves things open just in case someone wants to take the storyline and go forward.” — Jim

Back in black“Since the whole series was based on Tony’s life it is appropriate to believe that the fade to black meant he was dead, I mean, when him and Bobby were talking by the lake they said, “when it happens you probably don’t even hear it, it just goes black” so that makes sense.” — Anna


Unanswered questions“A very disappointing ending, in a crappy restaurant. I wish the guy who raped Dr Melfi had got his comeuppance. I also would have liked to have known what happened to the Russian mobster that Paulie and Christopher tried to kill.” — Derek

Is Tony on top?“I wanted to see a real finish. I guess there will be a Sopranos movie so you couldn’t kill Tony at this time. ... I would have liked to see a true resolution to the Mafia stuff, is Tony now on top or kill him or something.” — Jamar

Needed poetic justice“I was very disappointed ... it did not seem like a finale at all....needed a little more action ... a little more poetic justice ... some dramatic flashbacks ... for all the fans...Tony reflecting on his life ... on his deeds ... something a little more tragic ... this was so lame.” — Amy

Just like ‘Dallas’“This ending was an insult to all viewers’ intelligence. It reminds me of (Bobby) Ewing “Dallas” (coming) back from the dead. Mafia people end like they always end — dead or in jail, remember the dapper Don? I think that future programming is probably in the offing or a trilogy of movies, but TV writers should consider more the public reaction. I don’t buy the “end it as you like” theory I could have done that before the last 8 episodes started.” — Alfred

Writers got lost“As an author I find that they did not know how to end the story. Ending the story is the most important part — there were too many hands in this stew.” — AJ