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Viewers eagerly await ‘Housewives’ finale

Will any of the plotlines be resolved?
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Critics weren't sure what to make of "Desperate Housewives" when it premiered last fall. Was it a soap opera? A drama? Comedy? Murder mystery?

Turns out the show was most or all of the above, and whatever it was, it worked. It's been a steady presence in the Nielsen Top Ten for some time now. The show also got some offscreen attention for reports that its stars aren't really the friends they appear to be on the show, and many viewers voiced complaints about what seemed an inordinate number of reruns.

Will Sunday's finale answer any of viewers' plot questions? Will Paul Young finally pay for murdering both Deirdre and Martha Huber? Will Bree's husband, Rex, survive his heart attack, and will it be discovered that pharmacist George was spiking his prescription? Will Tom ever forgive Lynette for sabotaging his job promotion; and will Gabrielle forgive Carlos for sabotaging her birth-control pills? And will Susan and Mike live happily ever after? Tune in to find out. In the meantime, here are just some of your thoughts on the show.

CAMPY FUN“I love ‘Desperate Housewives’! I have friends that think I am an idiot for liking it so much. But I think it is very campy, funny and sometimes over-dramatic and I look forward to each Sunday night! I think there should be more new shows, there does seem to be lots of reruns lately. I like all of the housewives and I think that Nicollette Sheridan should be one of the main housewives next year, she is very good, and has some of the best lines ever! I cannot say who is my favorite, but Terri Hatcher is a front runner. Keep new shows coming, maybe have a 90min episode once in a while?”  --Susan

“I have lost interest in Desperate Housewives, because of the reruns and gimicks [summary show].  I have stopped watching.”    --Glenn

RERUNS WERE GOOD“The plots move very quickly and congruently! The rerun count was great, and they gave me a minute to peel myself away from the sticky plots! When will the first season be out on DVD? I can’t wait!”    --Sarah

A TEEN FAN“I love ‘Desperate Housewives’ so much! I got hooked on it when I first started watching it! I’m 14, and all of my friends talk about the show when I go to school first thing on Monday! I love how everything is a mystery and you have to keep watching the show every week to figure things out, or you wouldn’t understand what’s going on. I don’t have anything bad to say about the show...everything’s good!”    --Anna

OH, BREE“Bree and her relationships with her husband and teenaged son are the best—anally retentive, perfectionist, demanding; yet confronted with what she regards as weakness, and worse, emotionally unstable.  Simply brilliant!”    --John

LIKE A FILM“I think the show is a brilliant show and the writing is awesome. I think one of the things are of course the fact that women relate to the characters, as well as also the design of the show and the way it is written reminds me a bit of a film. The characters are all very complicated and complex like characters within a film. A show like this comes along every so often and here it is.”    --Tamayu

WHERE ARE THE OLDER NEIGHBORS?“Could you maybe add characters that are a little older? Maybe in their 50s, who are watching their younger neighbors and remembering what Wisteria Lane was like when they were in their 30s raising their families and having their own intrigues?”    --Anita

MELROSE PLACE II“Love it! The new ‘Melrose Place!’ It;s great...we needed a new show like this....the reality and cop shows are getting boring. ‘Desperate’ gives you something different to look forward to.  My favorite character is Miss Bree, her storylines are great and the way she carries her character its easy to follow her.”    --Michelle

LYNETTE SHOULD WORK“Lynette is my favorite, I hope she is able to go back to work part time, her character is not happy just staying home.  Her husband takes her for granted.”    --Lane

WRITE OFF LYNETTE“I like Susan the best, and Lynette the least.  As a career woman and mother of three, I’m appalled at how they portray her. Her and her husband could be written off and give more to the central characters.  Susan and Bree are the most interesting to watch.  Moral issues around Gabrielle are a little tough to digest especially the underage boy.”    --Anonymous

LOVE LYNETTE“I love them all because they remind me of my friends with their different personalities but my favorite character is [Lynette].  That is me with my own four boys, they used to drive me crazy enough that I had to be admitted in the hospital for exhaustion. The scene where she loses it and starts to throw things around and she want to hurt herself, I started to cry. Being a mother is rewarding but also very tiring. She makes her part look REAL, is she acting?”    --Alice

“Love Desperate Housewives.  My husband will even watch it with me.  Happy to see Nicolette Sheridan on a regular show (we’ve missed her since Knots Landing was cancelled).  Edie’s attempts at having “friends” are hysterical.  Bree is the character we like best because we never know what she’s going to do.  Susan is annoying, infantile and pathetic.  We think too much of the show is wasted on her and she looks ridiculous in those tight, tight pants.”    --Pamela

WAITING FOR THE EXPOSE“I love this show.  While it may be that the show as we know it today changes or is prematurely cut short due to some of the actors inability to enjoy their tremendous success without tearing at each others throats, the rest of us can wait with unabashed anticipation for the ‘Unauthorized Behind the Scenes Expose of Desperate Housewives’ television miniseries due out 10 years after the show is canceled.  I can’t wait!”    --Darrin

NOT A FAN“Just another slutty show for the brain dead audience.”    --Anonymous