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Here's every edition of Jimmy Kimmel's hysterical "Celebrities read mean tweets"

Jimmy Kimmel has done a lot of great comedic bits on his late-night show, but "Mean tweets" might be the most inspired. The concept is simple: celebrities read mean tweets about themselves to the camera. On Twitter, you'd brush all of these comments aside, or maybe flag them as inappropriate. Yet somehow, when celebs read them on TV, they're laugh-out-loud funny. Watch the latest installment of "Mean tweets," featuring Amy Poehler, Aaron Paul, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss, Kevin Bacon and more!

It's the ultimate test of a celebrity's sense of humor: can you laugh at yourself when strangers are telling you how much you suck? Fortunately, most of them pass the test. As REM's "Everybody Hurts" hums in the background, JasonBiggs reads a tweet about his "dirty" anatomy, ChrisO'Donnell learns that he has a "potato face" (hashtag #potatoface), and MarkRuffalo discovers that he can single-handedly make a movie suck. The best reaction comes from JuliaLouis-Dreyfus, who dissolves into a laughing fit over a Twitter follower's impression of her: "LOOK AT ME I'M JULIA LOUIS-DREYFUS I WAS ON SEINFELD THE SHOW ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE IN NEW YORK EATING PICKLES AND S**T MAN F**K YOU BITCH." To top things off, LarryDavid responds to a Twitter insult the only way Larry David can: By throwing it back in their face. 

We're certain that at least one or two celebrities have flat-out refused to participate in "Mean tweets." That said, the number of big stars that Kimmel convinces to do this is amazing. Watch the previous installments below!

A version of this story originally appeared on iVillage.