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Victoria Beckham takes daughter Harper to school — in a David Beckham mask!

/ Source: TODAY

While school's out for the summer for many students, class is still in session for 6-year-old Harper Beckham.

The youngest of Victoria and David Beckham's brood skipped her way to school Monday morning with mom right by her side. But dad made an appearance, too.

Sort of.

Designer Victoria shared a sweet video on Instagram showing off her skipping adventure with Harper, as they went hand-in-hand to school.

Then she posted a photo featuring another familiar family face.

"Look who we found walking to school today!" Victoria wrote, adding several laughing emoji to the message.

The pic revealed Harper, still wearing her gingham dress and knee-high socks but with one major addition to her uniform — a mask of her father's face!

The funny photo is just the latest dose of adorable from Harper.

In April, mom shared another video of the little girl in her school clothes, only she wasn't at school.

The clip, filmed in the family's kitchen, reveals Harper reading a message about her family that she wrote herself. In it, she keeps her back to the camera, but gives viewers a look at her braided pigtails as she introduces herself and gives a shoutout to her parents and trio of beloved brothers.

"Hi, I'm Harper," she says. "I'm 6, almost 7, and I love books and my family too, which is Cruz, Romeo, Brooklyn, mummy and daddy."