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Victoria Beckham reveals how she got the nickname Posh

"I was young and shy, and being Posh helped me find my style and confidence, and my voice," she wrote.
/ Source: TODAY

Mystery solved.

Victoria Beckham has finally pulled back the curtain and revealed how she got the nickname Posh during her days with the Spice Girls.

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"I was given the name Posh in 1996 over lunch with Peter Loraine of Top of The Pops Magazine and the rest of the Spice Girls," the designer wrote on her Victoria Beckham Beauty Instagram account.

"I can't say it would've been my first choice, but I ultimately grew into it on my own terms. I was young and shy, and being Posh helped me find my style and confidence, and my voice."

Beckham, second from left, is known to a generation of fans as Posh Spice.Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Beckham, who is known for her bold fashion choices — not to mention her dour expressions — said she had to leave the moniker behind to carve out her own identity.

"After the Spice Girls, I distanced myself from the nickname because it had unwavering momentum of its own. I wanted to find my own direction," she wrote. "Now, years later, I look back at that formative time with appreciation. Posh forever changed the course of my life, opening the door for me to go after my dreams."

Beckham is giving fans the 411 on her nickname now as she launches a new line of lipstick which celebrates the name made famous during her Spice Girls days.

"This week, I celebrate Posh with the launch of Posh Lipstick. It is deeply personal — lipstick has always given me confidence when I needed it and extra spice when I already had it," she wrote. "Each shade is inspired by a specific memory, and whilst the moments may have been my own, the energy and emotion is shared by us all."