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Vera Wang won’t be dressing J. Lo

Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one who’s bummed that the Bennifer nuptials got cancelled. Jeannette Walls Delivers the Scoop.
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Jennifer Lopez isn’t the only one who’s bummed that the Bennifer nuptials got canceled. Vera Wang — the wedding gown designer to stars and socialites — is furious, a source tells The Scoop.

“Jennifer got Vera Wang to make her an incredibly gorgeous dress, and really ran Vera’s staff ragged,” says the insider.

“The gown is worth at least $15,000 to $20,000, but Jennifer insisted she get it for free. The idea was that the publicity from the wedding would more than pay for the cost. Now, no wedding, and no publicity.”

“We have no comment,” says a rep for Wang.

Lopez’s spokesman also declined to discuss the story.

Ready to Crowe

Russell Crowe made headlines a few years back when he roughed up the head of a British awards show. This year, he wants to make headlines by singing at one.

The pugilistic, musically inclined actor has been “putting out feelers” about having his band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, performing at this year’s Brits, the U.K. equivalent of the Grammys. “He’s so desperate for publicity for this band, whose last album didn’t exactly tear up the charts, that he’s eager to play at the Brits,” says an insider.

Meanwhile, someone who has seen the infamous documentary of Crowe’s various fisticuffs — entitled “Russell Crowe’s Greatest Fights” — tells The Scoop that the Gladiator’s dueling techniques leave something to be desired. Notes the source: “Russell fights like a six-year-old. According to the documentary, he specializes in biting and head-butting.”

Notes from all over

The man accused of killing Swedish Foreign Minister Anna Lindh has requested a lawyer: He wants Tom Cruise. “Apparently, he’s a huge Tom fan, and he isn’t quite with reality,” says our source in Sweden. “He saw that movie where Tom plays a lawyer or something in the military (presumably “A Few Good Men,” though Cruise also played a lawyer in “The Firm”) and he really wants Tom to represent him.” . . . Siegfried & Roy are more popular than ever. On eBay. Of the 500 items posted at the on-line auction site, a number mentioned the attack on Roy Horn. “The show has now been closed,” noted one merchant, adding that said Siegfried & Roy paraphernalia is “sure to become a huge collectors’ item.” . . . Don’t hold your breath waiting for Quentin Tarantino’s James Bond. The “Kill Bill” director has been saying he’d like to direct a film in the 007 series, so The Scoop asked a spokesman for the Bond franchise, “Would you want Tarantino to direct a Bond film?” Came the reply: “Not really.”

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