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Vanilla Ice brings 'Ninja Turtles' hit back for mac 'n cheese ad

Get ready, retro lovers — Ice is back with a brand new commercial. Rapper-turned-real-estate-flipper-turned-reality-TV-star Vanilla Ice has resurrected his '90s hit "Ninja Rap" in an ad for Kraft's new "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"-shaped macaroni and cheese.

"Go Ninja, go Ninja, go," Ice quietly raps as he stocks a store's shelves with an impressive quantity of the product.

But he's not dropping his rhymes solo for long. Soon a shopping mom leaves her son's side to get her hip-hop groove on alongside Ice (and to get her hands on a box of that mac 'n cheese, of course). It's a display that leaves her kid grimacing, especially after Ice throws a "word to your mother" his way.

In a behind-the-scenes bonus clip, Vanilla Ice explains that he's not just bringing "Ninja Rap" back for the Benjamins. He really loves the "Turtles."

"I always had a love for the 'Turtles,' and when I did 'Secret of the Ooze, Part 2,' it was the highlight of my life — ever," he says. "I mean, I'll never top it, no matter what I do."

And don't go doubting his dedication to Turtle Power.

"I mean, I have a tattoo on my leg of 'The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,'" he boasts.

Ice was so proud of his "Ninja Turtles" days, he got a tattoo in honor of the "heroes in a half-shell."

As for the grub he's pushing in the ad, he's just as excited about that.

"When I first heard that (Kraft) was creating 'Ninja Turtle' shapes, I was like, 'Genius! This is the freakin' most awesome thing ever!'"

Only time will tell if he gets a mac tat next.