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Vanessa to Zac: Stop being such a sissy!

Though her hookup makes her the envy of teenage girls, Vanessa Hudgens isn’t thrilled with boyfriend Zac Efron. According to a report in Star Magazine, the “High School Musical” actress wants a little less metro in her male.

“She wants to date a man, not a little girl,” an insider revealed to Star. “Vanessa told (Zac) to stop being such a sissy and freaking out when he gets blemishes.”

The source went on to claim Zac nearly bailed on a birthday bash for Vanessa’s little sis, Stella, last month after spying an enormous zit on his cheek. “He just flipped out. He knew there were a bunch of girls at the party who worship him — and he didn’t want them all staring at his pimple.”

Once the teen queen offered up her tube of concealer, all was well — for Zac. “Vanessa doesn’t want to share makeup with her boyfriend,” the source said. “It makes her feel weird.”

It’s not just the pimples that threaten to burst Nessa’s bubble. “Zac can be incredibly vain, obsessing about his weight.” Turns out, she’d rather wear the skinny jeans in the relationship.

“Vanessa wants Zac to realize that it’s OK if he doesn’t always look perfect. She would love him even if he didn’t look like a Teen Beat cover boy. In fact, she would probably love him more if he relaxed about his looks and got a little scuffed up once in a while.

Katherine Heigl beaten by the blogosphereKatherine Heigl’s taking a lot of hits in the blogosphere in the wake of her unusually honest Vanity Fair interview. The January cover girl wasn’t afraid to admit her human contradictions, calling “Knocked Up,” the movie that put her on the A list, “a little sexist” and admitting misgivings over her character’s affair on “Grey’s Anatomy.”

“It's a little disingenuous to cash the $300,000 paycheck and, after you've reaped the benefits of the movie's success, slag your character to a major magazine,” Jezebel (the more articulate of the critics) said of Katherine’s “Knocked Up” comments. Regarding the blonde bombshell calling Izzie’s affair with her married pal “a ratings ploy,” Jezebel caustically queried, “Let's get this straight: ‘ratings ploys’ are bad, but shilling for a ‘Grey's Anatomy’-themed line of scrubs is totally fine.” Oh, snap.

On the other hand, The Movie Blog does defend Katherine’s quotes: “All she basically said was that the movie wasn’t perfect. She says 98 percent was an amazing experience, had one criticism for the film … and people are jumping all over her for it???”

Big problems for ‘Sweeney Todd’
Note to nitpickers: Pay special attention to the upcoming Johnny Depp blockbuster “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” Various news-gathering organizations point out a quirk in the ad campaign and a very noticeable flaw in the film that could mar what otherwise promises to be a totally awesome Tim Burton production.

For one, reports the Daily News, a recent ad featuring a disgruntled Johnny slouched in a barber chair, shows London’s Big Ben visible from the room’s skylight — “50 years before the famous tower was built.” Since “Sweeney Todd” is set in the early 19th century, the film company decided to scrap the ad campaign and come up with something different before the movie’s Christmas release.

Johnny’s co-star (and Tim’s wife) shared the second “big” issue in January’s Playboy. “Anyone who ... pays attention to my breast size will see there's no continuity," Helena Bonham Carter said in a quote reprinted in the New York Post’s Page Six. “The first half of filming I wasn't pregnant, and the second half I was, and because we didn't shoot it in order, I start off with huge breasts and then I walk upstairs and suddenly I've got tangerines again. It's melons to tangerines.”

Dish on the flyIt looks like Janet Jackson may skip the planned Jackson family reunion tour, even if Michael and all her other talent-heavy sibs hit the road. “Janet said she would be willing to participate in a few select shows next year, but (her fiancé) Jermaine Dupri is holding her out of it,” a source told Page Six. Jermaine wants Janet in the studio working on her own material. Besides, he’s “wary of having her be associated with Michael because he's gotten such bad press and is just freaky.” … In an interview with Playboy magazine, Tina Fey confirmed that the Paula Abdul viewers know from “American Idol” is much the same in real life. The “30 Rock” star called Abdul a “disaster” and went on to clarify, “disastrous ...  in the way she generally appears to be.” … Charlize Theron’s slim secret: She can haz (some) cheezburger. “If I fancy a burger, rather than deprive myself, I’ll eat a quarter of one,” she explained to Elle UK. Team it up with two fries and a tablespoon of Coke for a real treat!

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