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Vampire Nicolas Cage sinks his teeth into readers

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Vampires are all the rage, whether they be on the big screen (Hi, sparkly "Twilight" vamps!) or the small (Ooh, "True Blood's" dreamy Eric ...).

But the latest bloodsucker to capture Clicker readers' attention? None other than movie star Nicolas Cage! What? You didn't know he was a vampire? OK, so maybe he's not exactly a bloodsucker.

When the actor appeared on "Late Show With David Letterman" Thursday, the funnyman couldn't resist asking the star about a 140-year-old photograph that popped up last year. The image? A dapper mustachioed Cage (or someone bearing a very, very strong resemblance to him). Did we mention the photo is 140 years old? When the ancient snapshot surfaced, the owner, Jack Mord, theorized that the image the actor -- the undead actor -- was proof that Cage could control his aging process.

But the actor was quick to shoot down the theory. "I don't drink blood, and the last time I looked in the mirror, I had a reflection," he told Letterman.

It was a tale that many readers had fun with and made our top story of the week.

"Oh sure, like he'd admit it!" tweeted reader Drew McFarland.

"There is no way that this is not him!" reader Joan Rogers wrote on our Facebook page. "I can't wrap my mind around how it is him, but it definitely is him!!"

"The fact he even had to dismiss the rumor cracks me up," reader Kim said on Twitter.

No. 2 on the list? The Duggar family. But instead of family-friendly fun, the big reality-TV brood was at the center of an alleged blackmail plot. A woman in Iowa tried to extort Discovery Communications, the parent company of TLC, which airs "19 Kids and Counting." Her demand? Either cancel the family's reality show or pay her $10,000, or she'd release photos of a family member in "apparently intimate situations" with an older man.

Needless to say, Discovery didn't fold, and instead, the FBI became involved and she's now facing extortion charges. As readers noted, there are better ways to get a show you don't like off the air.

"I'm a big fan of the 'off' button or the channel up/down button. Take your pick," wrote reader Mary Ann Peden-Coviello on our Facebook page. "I am not much a fan of criminal activity to force a network to shut down a show."

Next up? Drama, naturally! To be more specific, "Biggest Loser" drama. Readers haven't been quiet about their ... umm ... less-than-positive opinions about contestant Conda. And when she busted out yet again with her weekly requisite complaints, readers let loose with their own unhappy thoughts about her.

"I have watched the Biggest Loser every season it was on. This is the first year that I am uncomfortable watching the red team - all the back-stabbing, gossiping. I have to say that I hate Conda," wrote reader Lydia Collazo on our Facebook page. And that was one of the nicer comments!

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