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The Vampire Diaries' Steven R. McQueen Dishes on Jeremy and Bonnie--and Kicking Klaus' Ass

There comes a time on every vampire-themed show when a character stops cowering in the corner, pulls on a pair of big-boy pants and starts kicking some ass.
/ Source: E!online

There comes a time on every vampire-themed show when a character stops cowering in the corner, pulls on a pair of big-boy pants and starts kicking some ass.

That time has come for Jeremy Gilbert, says the devilishly cute Steven R. McQueen, who was kind enough to let us in on his character's upcoming storyline. And guess what? It's about to be kicked up a notch.

And that notch-kicking starts as soon as this Thursday.

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"The next episode is a big one for Jeremy," Steven tells us. "Bonnie (Katerina Graham) and Caroline (Candice Accola) start getting involved and start taking action in trying to find out what's going on with Klaus and what problems are starting to head their way." OK, Bonnie and Caroline get involved with some Klaus drama. But why is next episode a big one for Jeremy? Thankfully, Steven elaborated.

"Jeremy goes from cowering in the corner to an annoying little gnat," he laughs. "There's always something going on, and Jeremy is curious and quick-witted. He has strength of will that most people don't have. And I feel like a gnat because I'm very involved in the situation and I usually cause trouble."

So, Jeremy isn't exactly arming himself with sawed-off shotguns and hopping on motorcycles to battle evil vampires, but Steven would be more than happy to take on that kind of role. "I'm not against that idea by any means!" he says excitedly. "That's up to [show runners] Kevin [Williamson] and Julie [Plec]. Of course I'd love to get a sawed-off shotgun and put my kickboxing training to good use and go for it. But at the end of the day, that's not my call to make."

Kickboxing? Oh, this we gotta see. Memo to The Vampire Diaries powers that be: Let's put Steven in a leather jacket, throw him on a motorcycle, and make him a hero like his famous grandfather! Then again, Jeremy might be too busy dealing with the biggest, baddest vampire coming to Mystic Falls.

Kevin and Julie

"Klaus is the most powerful vampire there is. He has power over every other vampire and he can compel every vampire," Steven says. "He's the guy with all the power. And his intentions aren't all that great. He's trying to sacrifice someone in my family and I don't want that to happen. We're trying to do everything we can to stop it."

"We" as in...Jeremy and Bonnie? Those two have had some cute little moments in recent episodes, and when we asked Steven if we're ever going to get more than just moments, he responded with some good news for Jeremy-Bonnie fans. "I think when she's at ease he shows extreme respect for her interests, and when Jeremy sees something he wants, he goes for it," he tells us. "I like this next episode that's coming up, and after that a lot of the Bonnie-Jeremy stuff."

Prepare for more Steven R. McQueen on your screen, TVD fans! We doubt any of you will have problems with that. Would you like to see Jeremy be more of a badass? Or should he leave that up to the experts ? Let's discuss and speculate, shall we?

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