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'Vampire Diaries' about to reveal Damon's sexy bedroom

Quantrell Colbert / The CW / Today
We wouldn't be surprised to see a fireplace in Damon's bedroom.

Get ready for some steamy action when "The Vampire Diaries" returns to the CW Thursday! Entertainment Weekly reports that fans will finally get to see where the ridiculously studly vampire Damon sleeps (and no doubt entertains the lucky ladies of Mystic Falls) in upcoming episodes.

Ian Somerhalder, who plays the wickedly delicious vamp, dished to the magazine, "The one really amazing thing, of course, (is) they had this bed custom-made. ... It's gigantic. ... Damon could fit an entire sorority on this bed, which I'm sure at some point he will." (And we can't wait to see it!)

But Damon's bedroom has more than just a ridiculously huge bed and what Somerhalder described as "very masculine" and "classy" decor. His sanctuary also has a bathroom that features a tub and a glass shower that executive producer Julie Plec told the magazine will "get a lot of use." (Be still my heart!)

Check out EW.com for more details about Damon's room.

What are you most excited for when "Vampire Diaries" returns?