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The Vampire Diaires Ian Somerhalder Tells Us What's Ahead for Damon, and It Involves Whiskey

While Jeremy is going to start kicking ass and getting all up in everyone's business on The Vampire Diaries, Damon will be taking a different route.
/ Source: E!online

While Jeremy is going to start kicking ass and getting all up in everyone's business on The Vampire Diaries, Damon will be taking a different route.

And who better to explain the hows and the whys of Damon Salvatore than the man who plays him? We're of course talking about the only-OK-looking Ian Somerhalder, who can describe Damon's future path in one sentence...

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"Damon spends all of his money in strip clubs and whiskey," Ian tells us with a laugh. "Why not, right?" The best part is he sounds like he's kidding, but no one would be surprised if Damon dealt with his demons by turning to booze and bimbos.

"He had that crazy breakdown, and it's a little scary when people bottle all their pain up and never let it out. It comes out typically in a negative way and that's kind of what's happening with Damon," Ian says. "He's just bottling it all up and he never lets it out. It's not like Damon is going to go to a hot yoga class! No, he's going to go drink a bottle of booze and he's going to fight someone or he's going to compel the hot local newscaster."

Now that's good television. But he better sober up quick, because Klaus is about to hit Mystic Falls, and we can't imagine it'll be all sunshine and glittered-covered puppies. "It's challenging right now, by virtue of the fact that there is so much s--t going on," Ian says bluntly. "You have two big problems: you have Klaus and you have werewolves. If you have one of them at a time, it would still be difficult. But I think two of them at a time is really challenging for these guys."

While the old Damon might run for the hills and let the massacre commence, Ian reveals that there won't be any running coming up for his character. "Damon forged these relationships and now he has stake in this town. He has relationships with people that he cares about, one especially, and now he is kind of forced to stand and fight, and that's what he's doing. It's definitely hazardous to his health both physically and mentally."

Speaking of that "one especially," inquiring minds are anxious for more Elena-Damon scenes, and Ian did not disappoint when the subject came up. "Oh, there is this great make-out scene! No, I'm kidding," he laughs. What a cruel joke! He's well aware the TVD universe would implode had he revealed that little nugget of information to be true. But Ian promises that there will always be Damon-Elena dynamics for viewers to devour.

"Damon is pretty much engaged in just protecting her right now," he tells us. "As much as she sometimes hates Damon, she is truly sympathetic to his plight. She's very careful and very sweet with him, even though she can be stern because she has to. She's a very strong woman, but it's interesting to watch them."

Yes it is, sir. Which is why we'll be watching every Thursday. Are you ready for Klaus to come to town? More importantly, how mad are you that Ian teased us with a faux Elena-Damon make-out scene?

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