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Valentine's Hope! Which Young Couple Will Survive?

Seems like the last few months in Hollywood have been nothing but divorce and break-ups.
/ Source: E!online

Seems like the last few months in Hollywood have been nothing but divorce and break-ups.

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz, Sienna Miller and Jude Law, and Olivia Wilde and Tao Ruspoli are just a few famous couples who have entered splitsville in the last week alone.

So let's take a break from being our bitchy jaded selves and talk bout a few duos we hope have a shot at love:

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Dianna Agron &Alex Pettyfer: Engagement mystery aside, we think it's great these two seem to have a balance of what to keep private and what to share with fans.

They won't shy away from posing on a red carpet together solo (here's looking at you, Robsten), they certainly leave a lot to the imagination with D. sporting a mystery diamond ring, but they won't overly blab about their relaysh to promote their movie.

Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas: Color us shocked these two are still attached at the hip.

We'll give credit when due: we thought that sexpot Ash would plow right through purity ring-wearin' Jonas on her way up the Hollywood social ladder.

But these two are happy as ever, we hear. Aside from some paparazzi shots together, these two cuties have yet to make a public appearance on a carpet as a couple. We dig it.

Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: If you didn't think this color-coordinating couple was cute enough, you have to admit those hand-holding pics of the two of 'em warm your bitchy heart, just a tad.

The Biebs certainly hasn't made the best judgment in the past when it comes to gals, but we totally approve of him and Selena. Ms. G is good (but not too goody goody), so here's hoping his crazy fans don't run her off too soon.

Kirkland Dogmatic &Teddy Big-Treat : We wanted to put a fabulous, totally hot gay couple in here, but the problem is...none of them are out! Damn, that's wrong. Still, there are a lotta sexy duos to choose from though but K and T, have to say, are currently our faves.

The good news is that Kirkland and Teddy seem thisclose to being entirely out, that we wish Big-Treat would man up, already, and announce their blossoming romance. They're both way successful and super adorable, they would be a great couple for gay teens everywhere to look up to.


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