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Usher in a thong? 'You don't want to know me that well'

Things got a bit cheeky Wednesday between Usher and the Fourth Hour anchors.

The R&B star and “The Voice” coach appeared with Hoda and Kathie Lee to discuss his role as music curator for the Macy’s Fourth of July fireworks show. Usher has handpicked every tune on the playlist, which will include blends from old and new songs.

“When I thought about the musical score, I’m thinking about book ends – youth and an older generation who really do appreciate music," he said. "Can we create a story, or a sound, that works together?"

Usher ultimately created blends between acts like the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and Jimi Hendrix, and Alicia Keys, Jay Z and Frank Sinatra.

Kathie Lee expressed surprise that Usher was even sticking around for the holiday.

“We thought you’d be in your thong on a yacht in the south of France, but no, you’re here with us,” she said.


Usher clarified that even if he were in France, he would not be wearing a thong — or even Speedos.

“You want to get to know me and that’s part of the reason why I went to 'The Voice,' but you don’t want to know me that well,” he said. “You don’t want to know my cheeks.”

That led to protests from the ladies, who started pounding their fists on the table and chanting, “Usher in a thong. Usher in a thong!”

The R&B singer just laughed.

“These are the only cheeks you’re getting,” he said, pointing to his dimpled face.