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Mandy Moore teases what's next for Jack and Rebecca in 'This Is Us' Season 3

Prepare for some happy tears.
/ Source: TODAY

Since the dramatic second season finale of "This Is Us" aired in March, fans have been eagerly waiting to find out what's in store for the Pearson family in upcoming episodes this fall.

Now, one of the NBC drama's stars, Mandy Moore, revealed some of what fans can expect — and it's all about young love!

According to Mandy Moore, the third season of "This Is Us" will delve further into Rebecca and Jack's love story.Ron Batzdorff / NBC

"We have the first three scripts," the actress told Entertainment Tonight on Thursday. "We're in the middle of episode two right now. It's such a fun time because it's been on the record that (for) our story lines for Jack and Rebecca, at least one of them we're really exploring heavily this season is when they first meet."

Fans can recall that a Season 1 episode showed viewers just how Rebecca (Moore) and Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) originally crossed paths (it was love at first sing!), but it will be especially rewarding to see how their love story unfolds.

"It's so much more fun to be happy and in 1970s hair and makeup," Moore said about depicting a younger version of her character. "Young love is so much more fun to portray than the sort of heaviness and the dark cloud that sort of hung over Season 2."

(Warning! If you haven't completed the first two seasons of "This Is Us," the following might be a spoiler.)

She is referring to, of course, Jack's heartbreaking and untimely death, which turned Rebecca's world — and their kids' — completely upside down.

"I have to say, I feel like (Season 3 is) our best season yet," she added, expressing the same sentiment co-star Justin Hartley also had when he visited TODAY in May. "I feel like it's some of our best stuff yet."

Since Moore seems to have all the inside scoop on future story lines for "This Is Us" — including how the entire show will end! — we're absolutely inclined to believe her.

Until Season 3 rolls around, we'll be stocking up on tissues in the meantime.

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