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'This Is Us' untangles the mystery of what happened to Randall's birth mother

Randall began a journey to discover more about his mother, who led another life after he thought she had died.
/ Source: TODAY

It looks like Randall is about to learn more about his birth mother on “This Is Us.”

Tuesday’s episode of the NBC drama featured Randall discovering that his birth mother, Laurel, did not die shortly after his birth, as he’d been told by his birth father, William.

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This Is Us - Season: 5
“We have some incredibly beautiful, exciting stuff coming up as he continues to piece together his past and his history.... It's going to be pretty spectacular,” “This Is Us” executive producer Elizabeth Berger told Entertainment Weekly about Randall.NBC

Randall’s discovery came after a man in New Orleans named Hai, who viewers have seen in previous episodes as a mysterious connection to Laurel, sent him an email after watching Randall’s viral video.

Randall called Hai, who told him he was close with Laurel.

The phone call opened up a world of possibilities to Randall. Hai told him that Laurel died of breast cancer in May 2015, which contradicted William saying she died of an overdose shortly after he was born. Randall asked if William was lying.

"From what I know of the story, I believe he was telling you what he thought was the truth," Hai responded.

Randall began crying, so Beth jumped in to ask how Hai and Laurel knew each other, prompting him to say they met in New Orleans many years ago.

"I’ve thought of telling you about her for so many years," he said before saying he would love to show Randall where she had lived and the things she enjoyed, which inspired Randall to suggest he take a trip to find out in person.

“(What) this Vietnamese gentleman has to do with Randall and his life is something that we're going to be addressing early on when we return,” “This Is Us” executive producer Isaac Aptaker told Entertainment Weekly. “It sends Randall on a really, really exciting journey for this next chunk of our season.”

The potential visit to New Orleans to learn about his mother marks a similar plot point to Randall taking a road trip to Memphis with William shortly before he died.

This Is Us - Season: 5
Randall is about to learn more about his birth mother from a character named Hai (Vien Hong).NBC

“It definitely opens up the other half of Randall's identity,” Aptaker said. “The first four years of our show focused so much on the paternal side of his ‘where do I come from?’ origin story. And this unlocks for him a totally new world that represents the other half of who he is and who his parents were. As for whether or not those characters actually come into play in present day, I don't want to say just yet.”