'Uptown Funk' sung by 280 movies in mega mashup video

/ Source: TODAY

It's a song that's spawned spoofs, treadmill routines, dance-offs, school spirit and amazing feats of motion, but the latest video tribute to the Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson hit "Uptown Funk" is totally different.

A YouTube user who goes by "dondrapersayswhat" has a fondness for movie mashups and has put together the ultimate cover clip — performed by some of our favorite films.

In "Uptown Funk Sung by the Movies," "Princess Bride," "Pulp Fiction," "The Breakfast Club," "Ghost" and 276 other flicks come together in the form of song-worthy snippets and the end result has to be seen to be believed.

While we still can't get enough of the original tune, you just haven't truly felt the funk until you've seen unwitting vocalists like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christopher Walken take on the tune, too.

Just watch!

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