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/ Source: TODAY
By Drew Weisholtz

You think you know how to play Uno? Think again!

On Saturday, the wholesome family game’s official Twitter account incited playful controversy when it posted a reminder that stacking Draw cards is against the rules.

“If someone puts down a +4 card, you must draw 4 and your turn is skipped. You can’t put down a +2 to make the next person Draw 6. We know you’ve tried it. #UNO,” the post read.

Stacking Draw 4 and Draw 2 cards is a popular move in the game, which was created in 1971, so you’d better believe people did not take too kindly to the reminder.

“I know this is literally your game that you made up but this is incorrect im sorry,” one defiant person wrote.

“The owners of uno don’t even know how to play uno,” another person snickered.

Even Foot Locker — yes, Foot Locker — got in on the discussion when it decided to respond on behalf of, well, the world.

“Dear Uno, That’s not even how Uno is played. - From Everybody,” the tweet read.

Some people also tried to counter the game’s anti-stacking stance by claiming house rules take precedence.

“Instructions book says house rules apply so delete this asapually,” one person wrote.

Though this is a mostly amusing debate, Uno, which is owned by Mattel, stood firm when questioned about finding loopholes.

“But can you add a draw 2 to a draw 2??” one person asked.

“No,” Uno tersely replied.

Hmm, Uno is being such a stickler for the rules that maybe we’ll just stick to Yahtzee.