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Unkindest cut: ‘Twilight’ star’s hair a hot topic

The great “Twilight” debate over Robert Pattinson’s hair continues to rage on, and according to Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the vampire series, Pattinson has not escaped this hairy situation.

“I heard he got in trouble for cutting his hair,” Greene told E!’s Marc Malkin Sunday at the InStyle/WB Golden Globes after party. “But what can I say? I like guys with longer hair.”

Greene, who referred to Pattinson as “totally adorable,” said though she prefers his “Twilight” hair, she’s will cut him some slack.

“I think he’s getting enough flack, I’m sure,” she continued. “I mean his every move is recorded and photographed and documented, so I’m not going to give him a hard time.”

And as for “Twilight’s” other resident heartthrob, Taylor Launter, Greene is thrilled for his return.

“Everyone loves (Taylor),” Greene said. “I think it’s absolutely ridiculous to think that someone could replace him.”